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View Excel windows side-by-side

This little tip, how to view Excel spreadsheets in separate windows at the same time, was so useful to me, I’ve reposted it.  All credit and thanks to user heymchr who posted a comment on this webpage.

You need to edit the registry* and modify each of the following two keys, one at a time:

  1. Run regedit.exe and perform steps 2 to 6 on each of the following registry keys:

  2. Backup the registry key
  3. Rename the ddexec subkey to anything else you like
  4. Open the command subkey
  5. Edit the (Default) and command values and replace /e or /dde with “%1″

NB. Don’t forget the quotation marks around “%1”

*Don’t edit the registry if you’re not familiar with doing so.