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What does your email signature say about your business?

Your email signature is your electronic business card – what does yours say about your business?

Your signature is not just a bucket where you stuff your name, some contact details and a standard disclaimer.  It is considered by the recipient to be a statement about yourself or your business.  In a world where first impressions count, are you giving the right impression?

Does the artistic text and pretty picture in your signature really add value to your profile?  Does your disclaimer really need to be that long?  Are you drawing attention away from the content of your email?

How many different signature formats are in use in your company?  To create a strong and professional brand you should decide upon a standard format for all staff.  Over time, even just the shape of your signature will become instantly recognizable, carrying a strong message in itself.  If you use different signatures for different endeavours, you should maintain some commonality across the different signatures to further reinforce your brand and corporate image.

Virtality produces signature templates for its clients which enhances their profile and strengthens their professional image. See our website for further details.